• 3rd Hypothalamus Competition
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4th Hypothalamus Competition - SRCR FK Unej

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Branch Competition

Hypothalamus Competititon Branch

Health Educational video

Health educational video is a kind of health promotion to inform everyone about something related with health or medicine. It is also used to prevent the transmissions of any diseases..

Scientific Poster

Scientific poster is a kind of poster that is often used in academic circles to promote the scientific activities. Scientific posters are not merely used to publish the scientific works but also related to the copyright of its scientific work’s result.

Literature Review

Literature review contains descriptions of theories, findings and other research materials derived from any references. Results of research conducted by other researchers may also be included as a comparison. A good literature review must be relevant, up to date, and sufficient.

Public Poster

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Scientific Essay

Scientific essay is a paper that discuss a problem at a glance and based on the author's perspective, where the composition is 50% scientific and 50% opinion, or can be more highlighted to the scientific side.


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4th Hypothalamus Competition Timeline

1. Pendaftaran
Gel 1 | 24 Nov '17 - 28 Dec '17
Gel 2 | 29 Dec '17 - 2 Feb '18

2. Pengumpulan Karya
Gel 1 | 24 Nov '17 - 2 Feb '18
Gel 2 | 29 Dec '17 - 23 Feb '18

3. Penilaian
24 Feb - 24 Mar 2018

4. Pengumuman
30 Maret 2018

5. Pelaksanaan Lomba
20 - 24 April 2018


4th Hypothalamus Competition Symposium